Sukenari R2/SG2 2 Layer Yanagiba Japanese Knife 300mm ShitanHandle

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Founded in 1933, Sukenari has gained a reputation for quality. Using the same technique that is used to craft samurai swords, Sukenari has been certified to create 'Honyaki' knives that are unserpassed in their edge retention and durability as well as their cutting edge. This technique, however is extremely difficult and time consuming, so in recent days Sukenari has begun forging knives from 'high speed steels' such as VG10 and ZDP189. Always trying to improve on the quality of and performance of their knives.

Knife Type: Yanagiba
Steel Type: R2/SG2 (Stain resistant steel)
Blade Hardness: HRC 62-63
Blade Type: Single edged blade
Blade Length: 300mm (11.8")
Blade Height: 34mm (1.3")
Blade Thickness: 4mm (0.157")
Ferrule Material: Water Buffalo Horn
Handle Material: Shitan
Handle Length: 145mm (5.7")
Weight: 250g (8.8 ounces)

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