Hasegawa Soft Cutting Board (FRK20-8040) 800 x 400mm

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Hase-Soft Cutting Board (FRK20-8040)

$489.00 USD

Why Wood-Core?

   - It's Sturdy :  Wood core prevents warping and bending from long-term use and    ツ€high-temp washing.  It is always stable, dish-washer safe, and shows enough    ツ€rigidity when in bridging. 
   - It's Light :  Wood core reduces weight by 30% compared to other solid plastic    ツ€cutting boards. That makes handling so easy that burden of washing heavy cutting    ツ€boards can be reduced. Also it can avoid serious injuries due to unexpected ツ€   dropping.

Isn't Wood-Core Unhygienic?

The wood-core of HASEGAWA's cutting board is sterilized and covered with thick plastic layers fully and completely. Therefore wood won't be exposed except for unusual rough handling.

Other Features?

The soft materials that are used for both surfaces make the cutting board so blade-friendly that prolong the edge sharpness. Also grippy surfaces prevent ingredients from moving when cutting, and allow more delicate cuts!!


Size: 800 x 400mm ( 31.4 x 15.7inch )
Thickness: 2.5mm (0.9inch) 
Weight: 5700g (12.5lbs)
Heatproof temperature: 90 C (194 F)

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