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Misono UX10 Stainless Steel Boning Knife 110mm

$349.00 USD

Using high-quality Stainless steel, Misono has combined their old tradition with new technology to create this ultimate line of the Stainless steel Chef's knives. Misono UX10 is the top of the line of Misono collection. A distinguishing feature of the UX10 knife is the riveted nickel silver bolster, which enhances construction durability as well as balances the weight of the blade and handle.


Knife Type: Boning Knife
Steel Type: UX10 Stainless Steel
Blade Type: Single edged blade
Blade Length: 110mm 
Blade Thickness:1.8mm
Blade Height:18mm
Handle Material: Ply wood
Handle Length:135mm

There is NO sheath cover suitable for this knife!

The hump towards the base of the blade is used to protect your hand from accidentally sliding into the blade because working with raw meats can be a very slippery job. It also makes it much easier to scrape meat from bones since the base of a boning knife is best used for that.

Use & Care

- Do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or bones. The blade can chip or break.
- Hand wash with warm water and towel dry.
- Use a sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness of the blade.

It usually takes 2 –4 weeks for us to restock should this item is not available.