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Kanetsune DSR-1K6 Hammered Gyuto Japanese Knife 180mm

$59.00 USD


Kanetsune is located at Seki City, the capital of the Orient and is known to be the City of Blades. The underground method in Japanese sword-making called “Seki-den” which started some 800 years back has been handed down to this present day. One of Japan’s supreme master craftsmen, Kanetsune Seki was able to conserve this method and employ it in all of his knives.

Knife Type: Gyuto
Steel Type: DSR-1K6 (Stain resistant steel)
HRC: 58
Blade Type: Double edged blade
Blade Length: 180mm (7.1"")
Blade Height: 40mm (1.6"")
Blade Thickness: 1.8mm
Handle Material: Red Pakka wood Handle
Ferrule Material: Plastic
Handle Length: 122mm (4.8"")
Weight: 114g (4 ounces)

Use & Care
- Do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or bones. The blade can chip or break.
- Hand wash with warm water and towel dry.
- Use a sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness of the blade.