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Kawamura Knives

Choyo Blue Steel No.1 Mirrored Finish Santoku Japanese Knife 180mm

$529.00 USD

Knife Type: Santoku
Steel Type: Blue Steel No.1 (Carbon Steel, Rust Prone)
HRC: 61-62
Blade Type: Double edged blade
Blade Length: 180mm (7.1")
Blade Height: 41mm (1.6")
Blade Thickness: 3mm
Handle Material: Magnolia Handle
Ferrule Material: Water Buffalo Horn
Handle Length: 128mm (5")
Weight: 143g (5 ounces)

Use & Care
- Do not attempt to cut, hit or chop frozen products or bones. The blade can chip or break.
- Hand wash with warm water and towel dry.
- Use a sharpening stone to maintain the sharpness of the blade.