Black Saya Sheath for 80mm Petty Knife wtih Ebony Pin

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Saya covers prevent damages on knives during transport. We strongly recommend our customers who often carry knives to purchase Saya covers.
Magnolia wood is a commonly used for Saya cover, because Magnolia wood material is able to withstand water for a long time.The breathable Magnolia wood material protects knife blades from corrosion. The Magnolia wood material has also been used in Samurai sword sheaths, so this age-old wisdom dates back to olden times.
The Saya cover comes with a Saya pin which is very useful to keep the knife in the Saya cover.


Knife Type: Petty knife
Blade Length: 80mm

The Saya fit these knives;

  • Iseya I-0
  • 07390
  • 97430
  • Sei-VG10-D-PE80
  • KC206

It usually takes 2 –3 weeks for us to restock should this item is not available.

Category: Ebony, Magnolia

Type: Saya

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