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Gifts For Knife-Lovers

No matter what time of year, there's a knife-lover out there who would light up at the sight of these items. Whether they own 1 knife or 150 - we all know that person:) - these are some great options for every level.
Take it from us, who deal with customers everyday in the field of knives... these are not to be overlooked!:)

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For home chefs

Seisuke VG10 17 Layer Damascus Petty-Utility Japanese Knife 135mm with Saya

This petty knife will do wonders in the kitchen. Coming with a lacquered saya, this petty knife can be stored easily and hold a sharp edge for long periods of time. A simple design made from high quality steel provides a great edge that will hold up throughout use. This knife is small enough for pairing and big enough for everyday prep such as slicing meat, dicing veggies, and prepping simple meals like sandwiches and salads.

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For the serious home cook

Sakai Takayuki 45 Layer Damascus Japanese Chef's Sujihiki Knife 240mm with Shitan Handle

Looking to round out your knife collection? I recommend this damascus sujihiki knife by Sakai Takayuki. Whether your carving a turkey or slicing your steak for dinner this knife will make the process that much more enjoyable. The thin profile and extra length in this blade allows you to make a clean slice with one motion, minimizing damage to the food and actually making it taste better.

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For the professional chef

Yu Kurosaki Yu Kurosaki R2/SG2 steel Hammered Japanese Chef’s Gyuto Knife 240mm

Take you kitchenware to the next level with this Yu Kurosaki gyuto knife. Wonderful look and feel that will add that professional touch to every meal. Made from one of the highest quality stainless steels available, this knife will get super sharp and hold its edge longer than the competition. This is great for professionals who need their knives to be as sharp as possible but can't worry about their knives rusting if they forget to wipe it down.

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For the Gardener

Sakai Takayuki
ARS Pruning Shears 120S-7

Looking for a gift for an avid gardener? These pruning shears by ARS are a great way to go. Whether you have half an acre or 5, you need your tools to work quickly and efficiently. An easy to use locking mechanism and a robust spring mean you'll never be fighting with your tools again.

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Knife Rolls - The knife collectors #1 problem solver

Knife Rolls are for storing multiple knives and keeping them separate in transportation. The knife role keeps knives safely apart from each other so they don't get chipped or scratched, while holding all the knives on a single fabric that can then be rolled up! Coming in a variety of traditional Japanese designs, these rolls will set you apart from the crowd.

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Check this out too!!

Best Gift Selection

Japanese knives are a unique gift and will be appreciated for its quality and beauty. Every time the knife is used it'll be a lasting memory as a great gift.

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