Yanagi ba or shortly Yanagi is a long and very thin knife used in the Japanese kitchen, belonging to the group of Sashimi Knife. In preparing sashimi and sushi, there are very important conditions that the sliced cross section be smooth, shiny and sharp in a microscopic view. Those conditions cannot be met by other usual knives. Yanagi-ba-bocho is especially designed to satisfy the conditions.

Yanagiba - Slicer Sushi Sashimi Knife

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Jikko White Steel No.2 Yanagiba Japanese Knife 270mm Shitan Handle
$349.00 USD
Jikko VG10 17 Layer Yanagiba Japanese Knife 300mm Mahogany Handle
$269.00 USD
Sakai Takayuki Kasumitogi White Steel Yanagiba Japanese Knife Magnolia Handle
From $139.00 USD
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Sukenari R2/SG2 2 Layer Yanagiba Japanese Knife 240mm Shitan Handle
$659.00 USD
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Seisuke White Steel No.2 Yanagiba Japanese Knife 300mm Shitan Handle
$239.00 USD
Seisuke [Left Handed] Molybdenum Kasumitogi Yanagiba Japanese Knife 300mm
$429.00 USD
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Black Saya Sheath for Yanagiba Knife with Plywood Pin-300mm
$48.00 USD