Shigeki Tanaka VG10 Sakimaru Takohiki Japanese Chef Knife 330mm

Shigeki Tanaka
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-Tanaka Shigeki-
Young skilled craftsman. To see how he hammers the material into the shape of knives easily is an expansive spectacular. His passion for knife-making is as hot as heated iron. Shigeki Tanaka has gained his knife-making skill through training in Takefu, Fukui. He has been creating many works with his own brand “Shigeki-saku” mainly. With his craftsmanship and radical design, his knives are beloved by people all over the world.

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Steel Type: VG10
Blade Type: Single edged blade
Blade Length:330mm
Blade Thickness:3.0mm
Blade Height:35mm
Handle Length:148mm
Handle Type:Walnut

There is NO sheath cover suitable for this knife!

-- Master Shigeki Tanaka making a Japanese knife --

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