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Shapton M24 (Green) Ceramic Sharpening Stone - #2000

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Shapton, manufacturer of Japanese Waterstones from Nabatame, Tochigi province, is famous for their durable and hard sharpening stones. Their stones tend to stay flat longer than other brands.


When using a Shapton stone with #120 grit, it’s as if one is sharpening on a Sun Tiger from Matsunaga stone with #240 grit. It is surprising to know that a Shapton #8000 grit stone gives a matte finish to the blade and the sharpness achieved is truly undeniable.   




Brand: Shapton 
Size: 210 x 70 x 24mm 


Use & Precaution 


This stone does not require soaking. Sprinkle a little water only when sharpening. As a general rule, never soak stones with #3000 grits and higher in the water. After use, let the stone dry thoroughly. Returning a stone into its box while still wet or damp will result in molding and might decrease in quality. 


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