Suehiro, a Japanese waterstone manufacturer from Niigata province in Japan, has a long history of producing high quality, yet affordable ‘toishi’ (sharpening stones). For many years now, they have produced an outstanding range of sharpening stones and continue to produce them today.

 Quality is of utmost importance to Suehiro and that is made evident in his sharpening stones. A stone bought from them 30 years ago performs in the same way when used today. In Japan, you will likely see Suehiro sharpening stones almost everywhere; from department stores, home centers, and fine cutlery dealers.    

Suehiro Sharpening Stone

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Suehiro Two Sided Sharpening Stone - #1000 & #3000
$59.00 USD
Suehiro Fine Flattening Stone -#300
$59.00 USD
Suehiro Extra Fine Sharpening Stone - #3000
$49.00 USD
Suehiro Medium Sharpening Stone - #1000
$39.00 USD
Suehiro Two Sided Sharpening Stone - #1000 & #280
$49.00 USD
Suehiro Coarse Flattening Stone - #100
$59.00 USD
Suehiro CERAX 6060 Ceramic Fine Sharpening Stone with Plastic Base - #6000
$109.00 USD $119.00 USD
Suehiro Coarse Sharpening Stone - #220
$39.00 USD
末広 DEBADO 中砥石 (ゴム枠台付) #1000
$159.00 USD
末広 DEBADO 荒砥石 (ゴム枠台付) #200
$149.00 USD
Suehiro DEBADO MD Finishing Whetstone #4000
$229.00 USD
末広 CERAX 5050 薄青 仕上砥石 (ゴム足PC台付) #5000
$109.00 USD
Suehiro CERAX 401 Ceramic Medium Sharpening Stone-#320
$79.00 USD