’Do you sell Japanese Sushi/Sashimi chef knife for left handed users?

Posted on June 01, 2016 by Hiro Nakamura | 0 comments

I often receive a question from our customer saying ’Do you sell Japanese Sushi/Sashimi knife for left handed users? ’ In Japan, especially Sushi Chef is trained to cut with right hand by force, thus there are no demand of Sushi/Sashimi knife for left handed in market. However there are many left hand users in overseas, and Sushi/Sashimi knives have some demand.

Though it will take a little time, 1 -2 months, if you can wait you are most welcome to order!. As it will be a custom made and difficult task for craftsman, pricing will be 50% more compare to its original right handed knife.

If you want to have Sushi/Sashimi Chef Knife for Left Handed, please feel free to send us a message!


【Sakai Takayuki Grand Chef Japanese Sword Style Sushi Chef Knife with Desert Iron Wood available for both Right and Handle-Left Handed】




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