Sukenari Hongasumi Shiroko (White Steel No.2) Japanese Chef Knife Series

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Sukenari’s Shiroko New Series is available now!


"Traditional Technique and Mind...."

Sukenari Co., Ltd. is a specialized maker of professional cooking knives. Since its foundation in 1933, Sukenari is highly trusted and evaluated.’Hongasumi’ cooking knife (rated as top professional cooking knife) using Japanese Sword manufacturing technology. Shiroko means White Steel No.2 and it is made by high carbon steel. It’s very sharp, affordable, however, though it gets rusty easily. All you need to do is  to wipe with dry towel and apply camellia oil to maintain.

This Hongasumin-grade knife is produced by one of the best Japanese knife makers who are loved by professional chefs in Japan. It is simply the best!

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